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Centrifugal Oil Cleaner

Centrifugal oil cleaner works on the principle of reaction turbine. Its a mechanical device for cleansing oil with the help of centrifugal force action. Also, it is a very effective filtration method world-wide. The main advantage of the device is its capability to remove finer particles. We keep up with dependable and cost-effective oil cleaning technologies. Our centrifugal oil cleaner constantly removes impurities from the oil and maintains perfect lubricant condition. Our offered devices provide cleaner condition with thorough filtration. They come in several models and sizes to suit your engines.



  • Effective solution to reduce machine running costs
  • Extends oil life and engine life
  • Offer reduced down time
  • Reduces wear & tear of engine
  • Perfect for applications that involve contamination control
  • Increase engine productivity and decrease maintenance cost

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