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Industrial Centrifuge

We have a variety of laboratory centrifuges that are productive and reliable, both. These are applicable in chemistry, biochemistry, and other industrial. Our centrifuges are designed for safety, efficacy and dependability. They ensure performance in the lab, and offer application flexibility in the field. Also, we keep up with required speed, temperature control, capacity, and other characteristics.

Fuel Water Separator

A fuel water separator is an important device, and it ensures delivery of clean fuel to the engine. It provides protection for engines, used in industrial, marine and automotive applications. We offer efficient fuel water separators for your fuel systems. Also, our range is designed to be dependable, safe and cost-effective. We deliver proven separators for high performance, efficiency and life.

Centrifugal Oil Filter

Centrifugal oil filter is a reliable, efficient and economical oil cleaning technology. It helps to maintain optimum operating conditions for your machine, and offers smarter solution. The technology constantly removes impurities from the oil, which ensures reduced running costs. Also, we keep up with various sizes, capacities, and affordable prices.

Centrifugal Oil Cleaner

We offer efficient centrifugal oil cleaner that effectively cleans the oil, and help extends the life of components, improves productivity & prevents system breakdown. The oil cleaner performs constantly, and ensure smooth running of machine. Also, it offers a very effective solution to reduce the operating costs. It's applicable in most applications that involve contaminant control.

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